At home to wellness

Balgavies Home Farm has an exclusive on-site spa area that includes a 10-meter swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a Finnish sauna with three separate showers. Down-time guarantee after a hard days sightseeing.

Please note: an additional charge applies for

use of the spa area: EITHER pool & jacuzzi only

OR the complete spa (which includes sauna).

Discounts apply with multiple users.

For a full list of pricing, please contact us.

Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and Sauna

Both the Cottage residents and the B&B occupants are welcome to use our spa area for a small extra charge. The use of this area should be booked in advance if at all possible, to guarantee private time and to avoid too many guests at any given time.

Aquarium, Showers and Outside Pond

Time to relax, slow down and watch a few discus-fish in our amazon-basin aquarium – or even lie out outside on a lounger, at our pond with waterfall.